Why your fur-kid should be your Valentine this year.

Why Your Fur-Kid Should Be Your Valentine’s Date This Year

Valentine’s day is approaching and whether you’re happily single or content in a relationship with a significant other, you may be secretly thinking…..”ugh”. If you are.. don’t beat yourself up.. You’re not the only one! Yahoo News reports that one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet over their partner.

So why might you consider for-going a “people” date for a fur-kid date for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Does your fur-kid talk?… I didn’t think so. Moving on….
  2. Fur-kids shouldn’t have dessert which means…you get to eat it all yourself!
  3. If your date with your fur-kid starts to go south there’s always the crate….
  4. No stress over break-ups because what crazy person would want to get rid of their fur-kid, right?
  5. Your fur-kid couldn’t care less what you look like…(or if you’ve showered or shaved). They just love YOU.
  6. We’re pretty sure tossing a ball or twitching some string would be considered a perfect date by your fur-kid…maybe not so much a “people” date.
  7. You’ll never be yelled at for having your face in your phone at dinner. A few gentle pats on the head or scratches behind the ear and your fur-kid is happy as a lark. Scroll on..
  8. Netflix and chill with your pet means…well….Netflix and chill. Snuggles included.
  9. Flowers & candy are poisonous to fur-kids. A $5.00 chew toy will keep them adoring you forever (or until they gut-it to kill the “squeak” and need a new one). Either way…cheap date!
  10. Did we mention fur-kids can’t talk?

Going on a Valentine’s date and need a pet sitter or dog walker to show your fur-kids some love? Let Lindsay’s Pet Care meet your pet sitting and dog walking needs this Valentine’s Day. Our trained professionals know exactly what to do to make your baby feel spec-pup-ular if you choose a “people” date over your pet.

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