Here at Lindsay’s Pet Care Services, we believe in providing our clients with “not your average walker/sitter”. Each of our staff members are thoroughly interviewed, referenced checked, background checked, and tested/ educated on common situations that us dog walkers/ pet sitters face. Each staff member is qualified to provide your pets with the best care… and most importantly.. they are all pet owners themselves! Our staff works as a team and each individual is insured on our policy. We all absolutely love what we do & it shows!
It is hard to accurately put into words how passionate I feel toward animals. I am an avid animal rights & rescue activist who wholeheartedly adores all animals. I grew up with an American Eskimo, Shetland Sheepdog & a Persion. Growing up, I attended summer camp for horses & continued my love for them when I went away to college & volunteered at a horse rescue. Even back in middle school I cared for the class iguana & turtles! I always found myself involved with animals as it made me happiest. I am now the proud owner of my adopted tuxedo cat named Luna who lives alongside my other 2 family cats, Kittie & Figaro. Featured in this picture is my boyfriends dog, Tyson who I care for & adore like my own. Most recently, I adopted my new puppy named Ace, who is my baby.
Dog Walker/Pet Caregiver
Hi! My name is Daphne. I grew up my entire life with cats, dogs, and guinea pigs. I attended Barry Tech Boces for Pet care/Grooming & also interned at Camp Bow Wow. My current best friend is my rescue dog named Finn that I rescued from North Shore animal shelter. The truth is he actually rescued me! Featured in pic is my previous love, Sapphire who recently passed. All animals have distinct personality's and I love getting to know them so that I can give them the best care possible. The better you know an animal, the better the care you can give them. I can't wait to make friends with your furry family member and give them the best care possible!
Manager/Dog Walker/ Pet Caregiver
Hi! I'm Carol, & I have been an animal lover forever!! I am the proud owner of my rescued lab mix named Moose (feat. in pic) & 3 beautiful kitties, one of which has "special needs", which to me, makes him even more lovable! I also have been a volunteer for an animal rescue organization for the past 6 years where I provide comfort, love & care to the cats while they are waiting to find their forever homes. I am often asked to pet sit for friends and family, & since it's something I love to do, I am thrilled to have joined the team of dog walkers at LPCS, where I can lovingly provide all the care and attention to your pets as I would give to my own! I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful pets!
Dog Walker/ Pet Caregiver
Hello, my name is Kelly! I've grown up along side my black lab Rosie till I was 16. Now I have my 2 furry companions Baxter 11yrs & Penny 6yrs. Though I'm always surrounded by dogs, I enjoy spending time with all types of animals! As a child care professional, giving my attention, love and care to others comes naturally. I can't wait to meet your pet and share my love with them!
Dog Walker/ Pet Caregiver
Hi! I'm Angel. I have been a pet owner since I was 9 years old. I believe that animals are the best kind of friend you can have. I currently have a pit/lab mix named Nutmeg (12 years old) he is the absolute biggest mush (feat. in pic). He loves to snuggle in bed and sleep next to me. Bullied Breeds have always had a soft spot in my heart, they always put a smile on my face. While your away from home, I would love to help take care of your fur babies and leave you worry free!
Dog Walker/ Pet Caregiver
Hi, my name is Ellen and I am so delighted to be a part of the Lindsay's Pet Care Services team. To be a part of a tribe that has the same love for animals makes me feel right at home. I have been saving and caring for animals for as long as I can remember. Growing up I have had hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds, cats and dogs as pets. We had so many different breeds of dogs in our childhood home. As an adult I had my Beagle Casey and my Chocolate lab Samson. Currently, we have Buddy a mellow 8 year old Lab and Pandora a lovable, rambunctious black Lab puppy. I love to be outside and I am very mindful of all the beauty that surrounds me every day. I love to run and enjoy many other types of exercise. The best parts of my day are giving and getting love from my dogs. I can't wait to meet your pets as I will adore and care for them as if they were my own!
Dog Walker/ Pet Care Giver
Hi! My name is Susan. Just like the rest of the LPCS team I love animals. Growing up we had 2 beautiful Maine Coon cats, a poodle & even a squirrel! We would go outside and feed him peanuts while he sat on our lap. I also worked for a veterinarians office, cleaning cages, taking the dogs out for a walk and also taking care of the cats. I used to give every pet in there so much love and attention cause I knew they were scared and missed there owners. I also worked at a stable for a long time. I now currently have 4 fantastic cats. I treat them as if they were my children which I will do for your fuzzy babes. I am very punctual and totally trustworthy. I know how hard it is to let someone else come into your home and take care of your pet. I've been in that situation, But rest assure, your babies will be in great hands. I look forward to meeting every fuzzy baby and their parents.
Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter
Hi! My name is Jacie. I am a compassionate, consistent individual who is excited to meet your pet! I have loved animals my whole life & I currently have 3 cats & a rabbit. I treat them like they are my children, spoiling & loving them to no end. I love all types of animals & you can rest assured knowing I will treat them like my own.
Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter
Hello, my name is Melanie and I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember! I have experience with all different sized dogs. Currently I have a 4lb Maltese (9 months old) and a 120lb French mastiff (2 years old), in the past I have also owned a boxer, Newfoundland and a Shih tzu poodle. I love all animals and treat them just like I would a human! I can’t wait to meet your furry babies!!!!
Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter
I grew up on a small farm in CT with cows, chickens, a goat, cats and a dog. Eventually one day I would love to have a small farm of my own. As of now I have two beautiful dogs, Riot and Luna. Luna is the black German Shepherd in the picture. She is very sassy and keeps me busy. I make obstacle courses for her to continue to work her and she loves it, I play hid and seek with her, walk her, run her and now bike her to help get her energy out. Riot loves to watch tv, lay around, go to the dog park and play with other dogs. He is super friendly and is loved by all. Recently, I just rescued an abandon kitten at 4 weeks old, his name is Mr. Jones aka JB he is an orange, lovable, fierce kitten with a lot of personality. I am excited to be part of Lindsay's Dog Walking team and eager to meet our fury clientele.
Dog Walker/ Pet Sitter
Hello!! My name is Marguerite. I have been caring for animals for over 7 years professionally as a kennel worker, grooming assistant and veterinary assistant. I have always had a special connection with animals. Growing up I surrounded myself with lizards, turtles and hamsters because I wasn't allowed to have a dog or cat. At 20 years old after working at a kennel for a few years, my mother gave in and I rescued my first dog. Her name is Eve she is a black and white lab mix. I just rescued my 2nd dog, his name is Alfred, a blue nose pitbull. Caring for animals is my passion and I treat each and every animal as if they were my own. I'm excited to be a part of this team and to take care of your furbabies!!